With over 30 years of construction experience on our backs, we founded our business on principles that have withstood the test of time. Be it pavers, retaining walls, natural stone, or outdoor kitchen & fire, we have your back. 


Peachtree Pavers, Inc., is your complete hardscape company. We are fully licensed and insured and established in 1988. We are leaders in providing skilled, brick paving, retaining walls, stone work, and more all with professional installations to assure a quality job for all of our Residential or Commercial customers. Servicing the Gwinnett area for over 30 years! 

The Team

You can always tell when an installation looks professionally made. That is why we provide dedicated professionals to work with you on your hardscape needs, making your Residential or Commercial hardscape an example for others to admire. We pride ourselves in the quality and experience of our staff and ensure a service that parallels the beauty of your home project. 


Dedication and honesty are two distinctive factors of our company’s success, as we continue to be one of the most referred companies in the Atlanta Metropolitan area. Our unique installation experience allows you to create an inviting outdoor environment that is both luxurious and reasonably priced. We stand behind our work and provide quality without sacrificing efficiency.


We are committed to excellence when it comes to any hardscape project. Be it natural stone, pavers, concrete, retaining walls, etc. we, through continuous improvement and dedication, aim to provide unmatched service while ensuring the quality of our work. So give us a call for your next home project or if you have any questions pertaining to anything hardscapes!  


Marcos Fernandes, CEO


Matheus Fernandes, COO 



Bruce Margol , Commercial Sales


Aminie Cunha, Office


Thiago Fernandes, Admin