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Pavers Spotlight - Belgard (Belgian Cobble)

The Belgian Cobble is a paver rooted in tradition, but breaks free from industry boundaries with its organic, time-worn, and cobbled design. Perfect for an elegant estate, the Belgian Cobble brings a touch of timeless application to any space. Pairing well with any Belgard product, the Belgian Cobble paver is the ideal choice for anyone wanting to add a pop of tradition to their project.

Available in 2 premium colors, Midnight and Moonlight, the Belgian Cobble can add a touch of contrast to any other Belgard product or existing hardscape material. Often used as a boarder, the Belgian Cobble can also provide an appealing transition from hardscapes to your landscape.

As a Belgard Master Craftsman, you can trust Peachtree Pavers to design and implement the paver creation of your dreams. Our representatives are eager to answer any questions you may have about the Belgian Cobble Paver or any paver! Give us a call and set up your free home consultation today!


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