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Pavers Spotlight - Belgard (Eco Urbana Paver)

The Eco Urbana is a permeable paver that presents is both dynamic in its 3pc design and classic in its application and style. Permeable pavers are excellent in the sense that they provide the durability and beauty of a regular paver, but serve as a permeable surface that will not count* against the footprint of your home. Counties often provide a % of permeability to these pavers for their ability to retain water, instead of running it off, making it a perfect choice for any big projects or any project for that matter.

Available in two colors, Avondale and Belgian Stone, this 3pc permeable paver will enhance your dream project and provide an elegant touch. With Avondale tying in a natural look and Belgian Stone a more modern take, Eco Urbana will intergrade effortlessly into any landscape. Describe as both modular and textured, bring a little spice to your home with Eco Urbana!

As a Belgard Master Craftsman, you can trust Peachtree Pavers to design and implement the paver creation of your dreams. Our representatives are eager to answer any questions you may have about the Eco Urbana Paver or any paver! Give us a call and set up your free home consultation today!


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