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Pavers Spotlight - Belgard (Lafitt Paver)

When it comes to deciding which Paver to use for your next home project, Peachtree Pavers is here to help. Within the upcoming months, we will highlight Paver options from the top manufacturers in our area.

Lafitt Paver

The Lafitt Paver is among one of the most popular Paver options when it comes to Belgard. This 3piece paver combo comes in a variety of colors to match most yard landscapes, and allows full customization, from the modern greys to natural beige, and even comforting reds.

Lafitt is a smaller paver, making it perfect for a smaller patio or an elegant walkway/driveway. With 3 sizes, laying patterns aid in the uniqueness of this paver and will have your home become the talk of the town.

As a Belgard Master Craftsman, you can trust Peachtree Pavers to design and implement the paver creation of your dreams. Our representatives are eager to answer any questions you may have about the Lafitt Paver or any paver! Give us a call and set up your free home consultation today!


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