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Product Spotlight - Belgard (Diamond Pro - Retaining Wall)

Standing shoulders above the others, the Diamond Pro Block takes our choice in most reliable retaining wall block. Featuring assuring lips in the back of the block to help with retention, longevity is often a word associated with these premium blocks. With the Diamond Pro, you will be able to rest easy knowing your wall is durable, long lasting, and aesthetically pleasing!

With four versatile colors to choose from, the Diamond Pro will tie into virtually any space effortlessly. With more simple colors such as the Buff - which carries a light beige tone - and the Gray - a light grey tone -, minimalism is championed. With more contrasted colors such as Carriage House - a slight red tint with dark greys - and Sheffield Beige - a beige with stark greys, a dynamic space is invited.

As a Belgard Master Craftsman, you can trust Peachtree Pavers to design and implement the paver creation of your dreams. Our representatives are eager to answer any questions you may have about the Bordeaux Series or any product! Give us a call and set up your free home consultation today!


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