Peachtree Pavers have been transforming homes in Georgia for over 30 years. We work with our customers to create their dream space while ensuring peace of mind through our professionalism, experience, and customer service. 


Upgrade any outdoor area with beautiful brick pavers. Peachtree Pavers has mastered the art of paver installation, servicing hundred of homes across the North Georgia area. This includes homes in: Gwinnette, Alpharetta, Norcross, Roswell, Atlanta, and much more. 

Outdoor Living 

Bring life to your yard-space with a luxurious outdoor kitchen. Fulfill all your hosting needs with an outdoor area that is bound to be the talk of the neighborhood. From outdoor kitchens to fire-pits & decks, we have you covered!


Give your home a timeless look with stunning natural stone. There's a reason why its a classic! Our experienced masons have the quality of work you need to experience peace of mind when working with stone. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call!  

Retaining Walls

Our built-to-last retaining walls ensure the safety of your home while providing a sure increase in home value. We work with you to ensure the design fits your needs and gives you peace of mind for years to come.

Steps & Porches 

Looking for the perfect steps for your front of back porch? Or maybe a new porch all-together? Look no further. Peachtree Pavers has an extensive portfolio of brick, pavers, and stone porches for inspiration. Call us and one of our experienced staff can team up with you for your dream space!

Repairs & Renovations

Need to spruce up an unusable area? Or perhaps fix up a few things? Our team can bring any space to life or restore it to it's original glory! From paver repairs to natural stone restoration, we have you covered.

Any Questions?

Scroll over the frequently asked questions below to see our answers. If your question isn't there, call us! We would love to things up for you! 

With Brick Pavers, you will have a product that is more durable and flexible than any other product because they are small individual pieces enabling them to be able to move with the climate

Why should I choose Pavers?

The Sub grade base underneath the Brick Pavers is the most crucial element to the longevity of our product. There are many proper depths required to be excavated and thoroughly compacted in order to assure a quality job that will be able to withstand cold winters or the weight of vehicles.

Do pavers settle overtime?

Weeds caused by not using the correct products to fill in the joints between the Brick Pavers. If all the proper base materials and procedures are used during your installation this will not be a factor.

Will I have issues with weeds?

Yes, their strength and flexibility is comparable to concrete. Pavers are being used on highways/city streets and commercial ports. But this requires a great sub-grade preparation. A well-compacted base together with a good edge restraint will insure a permanent job

Can a Paver driveway really sustain multiple cars?

As long as the concrete is in good condition with no cracks you can go over the top of the existing concrete. As a matter of fact, this is a much better scenario because you never know what kind of debris lies underneath an existing porch.

Do I have to remove the existing concrete slab for the new? 

Not only do pavers make an attractive pool deck but they also provide a slip-resistant walking surface. Pavers are actually better than poured concrete around a pool from the standpoint that the joints will take on moisture and leave the pavers cooler.

What about Pavers around my pool?

No, sealing your brick is not necessary, it is the preference of the customer. If you do decide to seal your brick you should wait at least 3 months to allow the sand between the joints of the pavers to be thoroughly swept in.

Do you need to apply sealer to Pavers?

The biggest benefit is that the sealer will harden the sand in between the joints of the brick so that the sand does not wash out, and it will also guarantee no growth between the joints. Another benefit of the sealer is that it will enhance the colors of the brick by giving them a glossy wet look.

What are the benefits of using a sealer?

Peachtree Pavers provides services in Metro Atlanta and principal Georgian cities.

What areas do you service in Georgia?


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